Encore Quick Start

What is Encore?

Encore is a tool designed to create a Primary Order from a Quote created in Quest III.   
Encore enhancements are in progress! For an overview of current changes, see the topic What's new in Online Help.         Updated 09/11/2015 by Viqui Dill

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What can I do using Encore?

The system is used by several different groups to perform many tasks. Click a link below under your job description to see a list of the windows and tasks you can perform in Encore.   

FS/OP Tasks: Order Builder (click to expand)

Cross Check Tasks (click to expand)

OA Tasks: Compare Selections (click to expand)

Order Processor Tasks (click to expand)         

Additional tasks are available from the Contents tab.     


Need Training?

See the step-by-step instructions, tutorials, and Job Aids for a list of online training materials.


How do I get access to Encore??

icon_cd16.pngInitial access to the Encore program is through the internet at https://secure.timberlake.com/Encore/publish.htm.      
icon_padlock_closed16.pngUsers must be granted access (UserID and password) to use the Encore tools. To request access to Encore, please contact IT. See the User Security (Security Rights) topic for more information.      


Still have questions?

For general information, see the list of FAQs.

See the Tips for new users topic for handy hints and suggestions.    

Explore the Online Help (click to expand)

If you still need help with the Encore, please Contact Us.

If you have questions about this Online Help system, send an e-mail message to the Technical Writer's mailbox, SalesAndMarketingDocumentation@woodmark.com.


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Tutorial videos and How-to instructions are available. Choose a link below to get started.      

Step-by-step instructions:

Before You Get Started in Encore

Create the Encore files package from Maestro    

Build the Parts List      

Build the FS Breakdown with PO Compare         


Tutorial videos are available for Encore:

Collecting Documents in Encore

Building the Parts List

Automatically Adding Parts with an Option Package

Navigating Encore Forward and Backward

Job Aids and other material:

Training Handouts:

Create the Encore files package from Maestro & Quest III

Build the Parts List

Parts List icons

Get Started in Encore (20 page booklet)

Construction Options in Encore

OA Parts and Hinging Cheat Sheet        

Quest III Correction Form

Encore Order Verification Checklist

FAQ: What are all these icons and buttons on the Parts List screen?

Encore Training (PowerPoint)         

Troubleshooting Encore

What is the Overall Flow in Encore?

What's new in Online Help

Tips for new users


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Navigation Aids

Wizard Toolbar (click to expand)

Step Toolbar

Progress Tree

Status bar


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System Requirements

System Requirements


Other topics of interest

How to send us a screen shot


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