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The Timberlake Order Manager program (TOM) gives you powerful tools for managing orders within Timberlake Cabinetry.

Using TOM, you can key in new orders item by item, import orders from Quest, 20-20 or ProKitchens, check and release those orders to the Timberlake order system, update orders and define delivery requirements.

Notice: As of March 31, 2016, Windows XP will not be supported in Timberlake Order Manager.

For a list of recent updates and enhancements to this program, see the topic What's new in TOM?

Updated 03/02/2016 by Viqui Dill


Tutorials and Training

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Featured tutorials:
Creating an Order - Part 1 - Header (03:43)
Learn everything you need to know about shipping, numbering, and organizing your order.
Creating an Order - Part 2 - Groups and Details (8:39)
Add parts and cabinets to your order and choose a door style. Send your finished order to Timberlake Customer Care so we can start making your beautiful new design a reality.
Importing from 20-20 (02:22)
Using 20-20 Design? Learn how to import your parts and cabinets directly from the 20-20 Design data.


Getting Started

Installing Timberlake Order Manager (2 minutes 36 seconds)

TOM System Requirements

User Security (Security Rights)

FAQ: How do I install the program?

Changing your Password (2 minutes 36 seconds)

Forget your Password?

Creating an Order

Creating an Order - Part 1 - Header (3 minutes 43 seconds)

Creating an Order - Part 2 - Groups and Details (8 minutes 39 seconds)

FAQ: How do I create a new Order?

FAQ: What is a Group?    

Importing & Copying

Importing Orders from Quest (2 minutes 26 seconds)

Importing Orders from 20-20 (2 minutes 22 seconds)

20-20 Parts and Accessories (3 minutes 03 seconds)

20-20 XML Export (2 minutes 14 seconds)

FAQ: How do I Import from 20-20?

Copying Orders (4 minutes 03 seconds) 

Construction Upgrades (12 minutes 03 seconds)

Selecting Glass (5 minutes 23 seconds)

Replacement Orders (4 minutes 38 seconds)

Printing Orders (8 minutes 49 seconds)

Releasing Orders to Timberlake

Checking and Releasing Orders (6 minutes 55 seconds)

FAQ: What is this "Product is not available" error message?

Checking Out Released Orders (3 minutes 28 seconds)

FAQ: What is the Difference in a Draft Order and a Timberlake Order?  

FAQ: How long does an Order stay in the system?

Finders, Windows, and Shortcuts

Finding an Order (5 minutes 32 seconds)

Viewing an Order  (3 minutes 00 seconds)

Shortcuts and Notes (3 minutes 04 seconds)

Product Lookup (1 minute 57 seconds)


Shipping Methods (4 minutes 28 seconds)

Building Trucks with the Truck Manager (10 minutes 30 seconds) 

Includes Business Rules, getting Orders ready, dragging and dropping Orders, combining shipments, and releasing Trucks

Viewing the Label (2 minutes 35 seconds)


Timberlake Service Policy (pdf document)

Policy change to RRO and Order changes (pdf document)


Enhancements with Timberlake Order Manager Version 2.0 (Download Webinar as a zipped wmv)


        • G2M3—This webinar video was created using GoToMeeting and will require the free G2M3 binary decoder to view.

          Requires Windows Media Player 9 or higher, and is not compatible with Mac.  

          Click here to download this free codec (binary decoder).



20-20 Catalog Download (2 minutes 16 seconds)

Importing Orders from 20-20 (2 minutes 22 seconds)




Importing Orders from Quest (2 minutes 26 seconds)




System Requirements

TOM System Requirements